Pâtisserie Ryoco, Tokyo

After returning from her training in France in 2005, pâtissier Ryoko Takeuchi opened her namesake cake shop in Osaka and later moved her operations to the quiet residential neighbourhood of Takanawa, Tokyo in 2012. Today, Patisserie Ryoco stands tall as one of Tokyo’s best patisseries, ranked just third in Tabelog’s Tokyo listing (a respected Japan restaurant catalogue site). Her seasonal whole sponge cakes and fruit tarts, chocolate and choux creme puffs are among the most coveted by locals. But be warned, there are no walk-in or dine-in purchases at Ryoco, everything is reservation-only and must be pre-ordered a couple of weeks ahead. One of our favourite cake shops for Japanese-style, fresh cream sponge cake. The custard here is also phenomenal.

パティスリー リョーコ Patisserie Ryoco

Reservation: Online

3 Chome-2-8 Takanawa Minato-ku Tokyo-to

Opening Hours: 12:00 to 17:00 (by appointment)

Ichigo tart 苺のタルト (Winter limited) – Custard, fresh cream and strawberries on top of a fragrant pastry base. The best custard cream we have had and the tart tastes even better the day after when the tart base softens to a cake-like texture.
Japone Ichigo ジャポネ 苺 (Winter limited) – Japanese fresh cream cake with strawberries