Gramercy New York Cheesecake: A Japan favourite

The great cheesecake debate often circles around the rhetoric: what makes a good-tasting cheesecake? Does it have to have a higher proportion of cheese or sponge? While the classically dense New York cheesecake will always be la familia to palates of globalised eaters, a growing fleet of patisseries across Japan have perfected their cheesecake to be a different kind: a cottony sponge with more pockets of air than cream and cheese.


The cheesecakes by Gramercy New York are just one of the many great Japanese cake shop contenders who embody the spirit of sponge over cheese. Available in an original New York cheesecake flavour as well as other seasonal flavours like Summer’s meyer lemon and Spring’s strawberry and premium momo ichigo strawberry flavours, Gramercy New York’s bite-sized, rectangular blocks of cheesecakes are reminiscent of a moist, porous and very delicious pound cake.


The original New York cheesecake and meyer lemon flavours in 10-piece box (¥2,268)



Due to its airy texture and light flavouring, we found ourselves eating more than a few at a go. The seasonal meyer lemon and premium momo ichigo selections lent the cheesecake a slight tart flavour and a natural fruity fragrance.


Premium momo ichigo cheesecake

Given my liking for Japanese strawberries, it sure was a delight to bite into small strawberry chunks in my premium momo ichigo cheesecake!

No prizes for guessing which cheesecake flavour got wiped out first.

The Foodume cheesecake debate is not yet over. 



Gramercy New York dessert and cake shops can be easily found in depachikas (food and market sections in department stores) in Tokyo, Japan. An online shop is also available for those living in Japan: