Japan: Land of Many Happy Returns

Wittamer’s strawberries and cream chiffon cake. Made in heaven by sweet angels.

17 May 2016 was a truly special day. Our fourth and most recent trip to Tokyo, Japan.

I woke up to a day full of sweet surprises and the air smelled of roses and strawberries. Sat under the covers still in bed, hair uncombed and eyes barely struggling to fight the early morning sun, my better half and I forked and devoured pillow-soft chiffon, layered with fresh cream and sliced strawberries, in rapid procession. Just moments ago, he had walked into the room to surprise me with a gorgeous shortcake and a birthday song, the cake was cut and pictures were taken. Minutes later, the once softly edged silhouette of my  birthday cake had vanished. It was simply delicious. And we couldn’t stop our ‘mmms’ and ‘ahhhhs’. How could we refuse to delight in the gourmand treasure presented before us?

The strawberry shortcake flanked by fresh packs of strawberries. No wonder our room smelled divine!

As we sobered up from our morning sleepiness, the same dutiful purpose registered and clicked. The cake became a necessary consequence of our no-holds barred feasting in Japan – a country that we all know, takes great pride in their high quality produce and pursuit of perfectionism. We were here again as foodies – or food enthusiasts – ready to uncover new eateries with several table reservations, an arsenal of empty stomaches and curious palates.

We have decided to pen this journey as we feast our way through Japan, and other cities in the world. While food tasting professionals we are not, we hope our journeys can interest and possibly delight you to explore new journeys of your own. So here’s our welcome to Foodume, food worthy to explore for you + me 🙂

Consider the cake collateral damage.

Note: The cake ended up in a better place. And special thanks to YY and my better half for getting it!  Much love 😀