La Belle Miette Macarons, Melbourne

La Belle Miette means “the beautiful crumb
As some say, are better than in Paris

Once described as “better than Paris, best in the world”, La Belle Miette’s specialty, gluten-free macarons are one of Australia’s finest, known for its signature crumbly, smooth-textured meringue shells and use of pure and luxury-grade ingredients.

Ganaches are made with natural fruit purees and local butter, and a special blend of ground almond meal and sugar is concocted for the perfectly crisp shell with delicate, unbroken feet. Flavour selections lean towards the classic (read: safe) range, with the Mariage Frères Earl Grey Tea Chocolate flavour as a standout choice. The macaron centre is beautifully textured, fluffy and slightly chewy with each bite.

Mariage Frères Earl Grey Tea Chocolate: Natural-tasting and does not reek of ‘perfume-y‘ scents that can ruin tea or floral-based macarons.
Is it really better?

Several flavours such as Pear Hazelnut and Creme Brulee on the other hand, were a tad too sweet for our tastes but still won applause from others who have tried them. In comparison to popular Parisian macaron patisseries, Pierre Herme makes a more aromatic passionfruit ganache, while Jean-Paul Hevin’s chocolate-fillings are godsend and unforgettable (macarons that are made in France only).

Top to Bottom: Pear Hazelnut, Passionfruit chocolate, Single Origin Chocolate (Venezuela)
Top to Bottom: Violet & Blueberry, Passionfruit chocolate, Raspberry, Creme Brulee (right)


La Belle Miette is only available in Melbourne and can be found at these locations. The Little Royal (pictured below) at the city’s longest standing Arcade also stocks La Belle Miette macarons.

Special thanks to my darling Koi for hand-carrying these babies back with so much care! Love you 🙂